Interactive CD-ROMS based on the W.&L.T. collections, autumn-winter 1995–96
and spring-summer 1996, in collaboration with Media-Lab, Munich.

Walter Van Beirendonck was one of the first designers to integrate the new technology of the CD-ROM into his communications. In addition to the presentations of the collections, the CD-ROMs include Van Beirendonck’s Puk Puk animations, interviews with the designer, games, press clippings, a tool to design your own T-shirt and much more information about the W.&L.T label.
Van Beirendonck would later also quickly adopt the Internet in order to create a more direct dialogue with his audience. As early as the late 1990s, the W.&L.T. website was publishing live images of the Believe (autumn-winter 1998–99) fashion show.